Really surprising. Since you’ve come this far, you deserve to know the first part of the story, before reaching the Church of Sant’Ippolito.


The plague has been raging in Palermo for a long time now and has claimed thousands of victims. To avoid further risks of contagion, the “monatti” pass from house to house to drag away the bodies and bury them in mass graves. The relatives of the victims are forbidden to leave the house, as they are potentially infected.

When the plague tears away from the young “saponaro” Vincenzo Bonelli his wife and little daughter from, he, desperate, wants to put an end to his sorrow: he decides that he would have thrown himself from Monte Pellegrino, just outside the city! To avoid the ban on imposed traffic, Vincenzo disguises himself as a hunter and manages to evade surveillance. Having reached the highest peak, he is ready to make the extreme gesture, when a beautiful girl appears behind him and exclaims with a soft voice: “Stop and follow me” …