Around this square is a niche, with a stone text plaque underneath. In this plaque you’ll find a name. This name will be your guide trough finding my lastname.

On the plaque is a text written:

Chi recita un credo innanzi questa cappella guandagna 100 giorni dindulgenza concessa da s eccarcivescovo di Palermo (NAME)

Who recites a creed before this chapel gains 100 days of indulgence granted by the bishop of Palermo (NAME)

The name of the bishop is the key of the cryptography. In a way that the number one refers to the first letter, number two to the second, and so on.

Fill in the name of the bishop as a password to the next step. Use his first and last name with a space in between.

Remember to only use small letters, NO capitals!


Write down the name of the bishop on a piece of paper or on your device, you’ll be needing it throughout the whole game.